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The International Association PHEA (Plastics Heritage European Association) was founded in 2018. It is a network of European institutions involved in the study of plastics heritage in all its aspects and history, such as university departments, public museum collections, corporate museums, etc.

The Association’s main objectives are:

  • organising research activities of historical artifacts made of semi-natural and synthetic polymeric materials
  • communicating and disseminating the research activities of the PHEA members 
  • encouraging the cooperation between members, e.g. through the exchange of students and researchers for short term research projects
  • applying for European funding for Plastics heritage research
  • organising the Plastics Heritage Congress every two years
  • encouraging the publication of the results in the e-plastory journal. International Journal of Plastics History

Founded in 2008, the Plart Foundation is a museum institution that aims at disseminating the culture of plastic and design by highlighting the new scenarios defined by the “material of wonders” and supporting the research of artists and designers whose goal is creating more environmentally sustainable polymers.

The Plart Museum has been recognised as a Museum of public Interest by the Campania Region. It is also part of the “rete dei Giacimenti del Design Italiano” (Italian Design Reservoir network) established by the Triennale of Milan – Museo del Design (Museum of Design), and is one of the “Luoghi del Contemporaneo” (Places of the Contemporary), a project promoted by the Direzione Generale Creatività Contemporanea del MiC Ministero della Cultura (Directorate General of Contemporary Creativity of the MiC Ministry of Culture), for the mapping and promotion of the localities of contemporary art in Italy. In 2021, the Plart Foundation was recognised as an Institution of High Culture of the Campania Region.

Over the years, the Plart has promoted cultural and exhibit activities that investigate the world of the arts beyond pre-defined disciplinary barriers. 

In the field of preservation, the Plart carries out research activities aimed at developing innovative methods for the restoration of the plastic materials that constitute its varied collection.