Call for short articles

The deadline for the submission of the short articles is 20 December 2022.

The conference proceedings will be available in Spring 2023 in a digital version, downloadable from our website (10 euro for participants).

Please make sure you have verified all the information below before you submit your short article.

  1. Article full title:
  2. Primary author (prefix, first name, surname):
  3. Co-Authors (if applicable):
  4. Primary author affiliation (employing institution and Country):
  5. Co-author affiliations (if applicable):
  6. Acknowledgements (funding support for the research):
  7. Acknowledgements (in-kind support from partners of collaborators):
  8. Is this the first time the research has been published in the public domain: Yes/No (please select)
    8 (a) If no, then where else has it been published, place and date or citation (we prefer non-published work and will decide if including it makes a valuable contribution to the congress post prints)?
  9. Do you have permission to use all illustrations in the article?

Please submit you short article as a Microsoft Word file to enable editing. The total size of the article including illustrations should not exceed 100MB. The file must be titled: primary author surname; short article title (5 words maximum); date. For example, Kaner, The care of plastic chairs, 15 December 2022.

Please ensure you follow the Guidelines for submitting short articles for conference contributors, as given below. Short articles that do not comply with the guidelines may be rejected.

Completed forms and short articles should be submitted at the same time to the Scientific Committee Chair by no later than 16.00 (CET), 20 December 2022.

Guidelines for submitting short articles for conference contributors

Short article length
Maximum length of articles is 3000 words, excluding references

Please use Verdana font, size 11

The article must be written in English

There is a limit of 5 images (figures) per article and two tables.
All figures and tables to be captioned.
All sources to be referenced.

The narrative should be in the third person and all claims to be referenced

All authors to be named with affiliations

Any funding that supported the research to be acknowledged.
Any in kind support from partners or collaborators

The article should be presented in this order,

  • Abstract that defines the key findings of the work
  • Title
  • Introduction to the work
  • Research context and question
  • Literature that has influenced the work
  • Method used to do the work
  • Experimentation or field work that took place
  • Results of the experimentation or field work
  • Discussion of the findings
  • Conclusion and recommendations for future work
  • References (Harvard system)

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiries.