This year, the sixth Plastics Heritage Congress PHC 6, organised by PHEA and hosted by the Plart in collaboration with the School of Restoration was situated with the historic Naples Academy of Fine Arts, located in the historic city of Naples. 

It is without doubt that I can say that the Congress has been a great success, with three full days of activities and a one-day PHC School at PLART in the museum dedicated to plastic objects, their care and display.

The Congress witnessed 32 conference papers from all over the globe representing multiple subjects covering the Congress themes of Hipom’s history, Hipom’s heritage and Hipom’s in art and design, chaired by 6 keynote speakers: Suzan de Groot, Silvia Garcia Fernandez-Villa, Maria Joao Melo, Brenda Keneghan, Heinz Stahlhut, Elisa Storace. The Programme Committee, chaired by Günter Lattermann, established the tracks for the first day providing rich material for the audience of well over 100 participants. The second day focussed on Hipoms in conservation science and covered many topics illustrating developments in technical and practical outcomes across a broad range of object types. The third day looked at application of treatments and the culture of collecting through museums, where again many topics were shared, and new processes revealed. 

The 29 posters which were displayed throughout the congress provided food for thought and discussion during breaks and lunches as well as the allotted poster sessions. The poster topics ranged from Hipoms heritage, through museum collections, conservation science and treatments. The quality of the posters whilst varied in presentation style was of a very high quality. The Kartell Museo Poster Awards were given as 1st Prize (250 €) to Eva Mariasole Angelin, Lisbon, as 2nd Prize (150 €) to Alexandra Papis, Oświęcim, and as a 3rd Prize (100 €) to Francesca Modugno, Pisa/München. 

We (the Scientific Committee, chair: Jake Kaner) are processing the short articles that are being submitted by contributors which will form a post congress publication. This will allow the excellent content from the congress to be captured and disseminated for reference.

Beyond the presentations and posters was excellent fringe activities and this included visits to heritage sites and the PLART museum. We must also not forget the notable cuisine all kindly organised by the Naples Academy of Fine Arts and the Plart museum, all coordinated by Alice Hansen, chair of the Organising Committee, Giovanna Cassese, chair of the Honorary Committee, and Maria Pia Incutti, president of the Plart Foundation.

Overall, the congress was a great success, and we thank Plart, the Academy of Fine Arts and the city of Naples for being such super hosts.  

Once again, the congress has helped to move the topics associated with plastics heritage forward raising new challenges and sharing research successes. The story of plastics heritage continues to grow and take on new experiences.

The Plastics Heritage European Association PHEA is currently deciding upon the next venue for PHC 7. We look forward to seeing you there.


4th December 2022, 
Jake Kaner
PHEA Vice chair
Chair of the PHC Scientific Committee